Class FullscreenPromptBackground

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      boolean contains​(float x, float y)  
      void draw​( canvas)  
      protected android.util.DisplayMetrics getDisplayMetrics() getPath()  
      void prepare​(PromptOptions options, boolean clipToBounds, clipBounds)
      Prepares the background for drawing.
      void setColour​(int colour)
      Sets the colour to use for the background.
      FullscreenPromptBackground setCornerRadius​(float rx, float ry)
      Set the radius for the rectangle corners.
      void update​(PromptOptions prompt, float revealModifier, float alphaModifier)  
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    • Constructor Detail

      • FullscreenPromptBackground

        public FullscreenPromptBackground()
    • Method Detail

      • setCornerRadius

        public FullscreenPromptBackground setCornerRadius​(float rx,
                                                          float ry)
        Set the radius for the rectangle corners.
        rx - The x-radius of the oval used to round the corners
        ry - The y-radius of the oval used to round the corners
        This prompt background
      • setColour

        public void setColour​(int colour)
        Description copied from class: PromptBackground
        Sets the colour to use for the background.
        Specified by:
        setColour in class PromptBackground
        colour - Colour integer representing the colour.
      • prepare

        public void prepare​(@NonNull
                            PromptOptions options,
                            boolean clipToBounds,
        Description copied from class: PromptBackground
        Prepares the background for drawing.
        Specified by:
        prepare in class PromptBackground
        options - The options from which the prompt was created.
        clipToBounds - Should the prompt be clipped to the supplied clipBounds.
        clipBounds - The bounds to clip the drawing to.
      • getDisplayMetrics

        protected android.util.DisplayMetrics getDisplayMetrics()
      • update

        public void update​(@NonNull
                           PromptOptions prompt,
                           float revealModifier,
                           float alphaModifier)
      • draw

        public void draw​(@NonNull
      • contains

        public boolean contains​(float x,
                                float y)
      • getPath

        public getPath()
        getPath in class PromptBackground
        The path of the current background, useful for clipping content