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The default shape is a circle but any other shape can be rendered by extending the PromptBackground and PromptFocal classes. A rectangle implementation is provided through the RectanglePromptBackground and RectanglePromptFocal implementations.

new MaterialTapTargetPrompt.Builder(this)
                .setPrimaryText("Different shapes")
                .setSecondaryText("Extend PromptFocal or PromptBackground to change the shapes")
                .setPromptBackground(new RectanglePromptBackground())
                .setPromptFocal(new RectanglePromptFocal())

Rectangle Example

Dimmed background

The background could be dimmed like so:

import android.content.res.Resources;
import android.graphics.Canvas;
import android.graphics.Color;
import android.graphics.Paint;
import android.graphics.Rect;
import android.graphics.RectF;
import android.support.annotation.NonNull;
import android.util.DisplayMetrics;

import uk.co.samuelwall.materialtaptargetprompt.extras.PromptOptions;
import uk.co.samuelwall.materialtaptargetprompt.extras.backgrounds.CirclePromptBackground;

 * Prompt background implementation that darkens behind the circle background.
public class DimmedPromptBackground extends CirclePromptBackground
    @NonNull private RectF dimBounds = new RectF();
    @NonNull private Paint dimPaint;

    public DimmedPromptBackground()
        dimPaint = new Paint();

    public void prepare(@NonNull final PromptOptions options, final boolean clipToBounds, @NonNull Rect clipBounds)
        super.prepare(options, clipToBounds, clipBounds);
        DisplayMetrics metrics = Resources.getSystem().getDisplayMetrics();
        // Set the bounds to display as dimmed to the screen bounds
        dimBounds.set(0, 0, metrics.widthPixels, metrics.heightPixels);

    public void update(@NonNull final PromptOptions options, float revealModifier, float alphaModifier)
        super.update(options, revealModifier, alphaModifier);
        // Allow for the dimmed background to fade in and out
        this.dimPaint.setAlpha((int) (200 * alphaModifier));

    public void draw(@NonNull Canvas canvas)
        // Draw the dimmed background
        canvas.drawRect(this.dimBounds, this.dimPaint);
        // Draw the background
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